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3.6V i-Drill USB Screwdriver

3.6V i-Drill USB Screwdriver


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You can recharge this drill from any powered USB port.

Packs the punch to perform all your favourite home maintenance tasks, while the compact size makes it ideal for working within small spaces.

Kogan’s new 3.6V i-Drill USB Screwdriver is the perfect accessory for computer technicians and electronics hobbyists.

Fully chargeable via the USB port on your desktop or laptop computer, this drill packs the punch to perform basic furniture assembly and home maintenance, while its compact size makes it ideal for working within the confines of small computer cases.

With dual LED working lights to illuminate the darkest corners of your workspace and a Lithium-Ion battery for extended use, the i-Drill will soon become an irreplaceable part of your toolkit.

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REBLOG! More Fun From Houzz

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RANT WARNING!! From My Personal Blog

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...but I look good skinnyI AM IN SHOCK! That most horrid of women – Lexi B – has appeared on my TV screen! What makes this even more shocking is that I NEVER WATCH COMMERCIAL TV!

My set-top box took a fit, rebooted and ended up on 7 Digital, with this – video below – seriously scarring advertisement playing.

At first I thought I’d landed in the twilight zone, that voice, the insincere role of her vowels, the completely put-on downtrodden Aussie accent. I seriously need to wash my tongue!

This woman is THE MOST disingenuous human I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing, so wrong, wrong, wrong  :: Read the full article »»»»

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Australia's New Carbon Tax Kicks In TodayFrom today, just under 300 Australian businesses will be required to pay $23 for for each andevery tonne of pollution they produce. They will receive some compensation in the form of tax offsets and credits, but still say they will have no choice but to pass on the cost to consumers. The Government is also compensating low-income earners and says life will go on for Australian households.

The introduction of a carbon price will cost households an extra $9.90 per week on average, while average assistance will be $10.10 per week, according to the Federal Government’s modelling. The Government says nine out of 10 households will receive assistance.

The Governments website reckons that The Household Assistance Package will deliver assistance to 9 out of 10 households through personal income tax cuts and increases in pensions and allowances. This assistance will be permanent and will help households adjust to the introduction of the carbon price. The Government has released a calculator so Australians can estimate how the carbon price will affect their household :: Read the full article »»»»

Aussie Home Loan Approvals Inch Higher

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Mortgage NewsLatest official figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – ABS – show home loan approvals rose in April, in line with expectations that interest rates would be cut in May.

The number of mortgagess granted to build or buy homes was up 0.2 per cent.

First home buyer commitment also  had a slight rise of .4 per cent, making up 16.8 per cent of the home-buyer market for April.

It is the second month in a row home loan approvals have risen, March showed a mortgage approval rise of .34 per cent. These ekishly modest increases come on the back of a fall in February of 2.5 per cent.