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REBLOG! 37 Home Library Design Ideas

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REBLOG! 37 Home Library Design Ideas
The most “sacred” room of the entire crib? The home library combines relaxation with personal growth and completes the genuine atmosphere of a modern residence or apartment. As a tribute to these contemporary indoor oases, bobvila.com has put together a post of 37 beautiful home libraries, bearing a lifes knowledge, acting as a refuge from the hectic lifestyle ::::
REBLOG! 37 Home Library Design Ideas
The designers at bobvila.com also love reading nooks and window seats surrounded by books, which make for great relaxations spots.

Depending on the features of each home, a library can be extended horizontally or vertically :: Read the full post »»»»


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Orientation Matters, Windows Tips For RenovatorsWindows are more than just a way to look at the outside world – these days, there are windows that insulate, windows that shade, windows that dampen noise or resist the attack of fire, or even clean themselves.

Yes folks, there are even windows I’ve seen that can be opaque and then instantly transform to clear at the flick of a switch. I’ve seen them in a glass wall for a home office – one minute you can check on the kids and the next you can block them out.

It sounds like science fiction. But glazing technology is now amazing. Performance glass, as it tends to be known, comprises a range of technologically sophisticated glasses. There are laminated glasses that have a thin layer of plastic sandwiched between two panels of clear glass. There are toned glasses with a colour tint worked through the material. And there are coated glasses, in which ultra-thin films of a secondary material create certain useful reactions :: Read the full article »»»»

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Buying a bathtub for your bathroom renovation can be tricky, will you buy something cheap so you can splurge more on the tiles? Or should you splash out and buy a fantastic bath tub to turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Bathtubs are available in four different styles: recessed, corner, drop-in, and freestanding and they come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. What’s more, every tub will have different places for taps (a centre tap, left and right taps) and have variations on where the drain hole goes.Before you buy a bathtub, you need to understand the space constraints and know the plumbing specs of taps and drains :: Read the full article »»»»


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